Just a bit about about us 

The PPM in simply stands for
Peter, Peter and Max.
Between the three of us, we are mates, directors, designers, machine operators, electricians,
computer operators, printers, odd job men
and any other personel a business
relies on to survive.

A Business out of a Hobby.
Between us we have the skills required to operate our small business and more. 

At  ppm-zgauge  design and make all manner of buildings for z gauge layouts ranging from terraced houses to fire, police and ambulance stations, which the latter come complete with vehicles at no extra cost.  We believe in keeping prices low and that is why all our models are at pocket money prices.  As such they make great presents for Dad, Grampy or even your children. 

When we say pocket  money prices we mean it. Every item has been costed to find the true cost to us when making them.  We then add a small perentage to cover overheads like the renewl of our tools and machines and then that outcome becomes the price we sell at.

PPM started out as a hobby for three friends and then we thought that our models which are all 'Made in Wales' could benefit other Z Gauge enthusiasts like yourselves so we began meeting every Wednesday to decide what we will make and to quality check what we have made.  Those items we think have made the grade and we believe that you will love having on your layout, we make 20 each of them.  Then as they are purchased we replace them in our stock so if you require more we always have them available for you.

PPM simply stands for Peter, Peter, Max - our names.

A major selling point of our that you should be aware of is that as part of our quality check our models are accidentally dropped you do not have to worry. Before a model is released for sale it has been dropped many times, mind you, that is the test model we bounced.  They may not be totally indestructible, but if dropped they don't break. Not all model producers can say that.

Ours are UK products, 'Made in Wales'. 

Kev Smith of the Z gauge society reviewed our models.

You can see what he had to say about our products by clicking the link below.

Please note - the suggestions he made as to possibe modifications on the models have now been made
You will be purchasing a model more  Z gauge correct.
Some items, like trees and people, we have to source in, but again, we only do so when we can still supply to you at very low prices.


For our valued customers.

All our models are made in Wales with the exception of certain accessories which we source in to make it easier, cheaper and quicker for you to buy them and enhance your layouts.

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